Jennifer Carpenter and Jackie Earle Haley Show Us The Evil Within


the-evil-within-3The Evil Within aims to set a new bar in horror gaming. From its nightmare inducing character designs to its chilling score. However, the other important ingredient is the voice acting. Bethesda has been pretty tight lipped about who would be voicing the characters trapped in this hellish adventure, but the time has come and it was worth the wait.

The Evil Within will feature an all star cast to guide you along in your journey. As lead protagonist Sebastian Castellanos, Hell on Wheels star Anson Mount has stepped up and will no doubt bring a ruggedness that the character (and you) will need to survive.

As Sebastian’s partner, Detective Judi Kidman, you will be accompanied into the darkness by Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter. Yes, it just keeps getting better. So we are covered on our end, but who will be the voice of evil? How about Jackie Earle Haley? That’s right. Nothing but goodness. Can’t wait for this one!