Psychological Thriller Threshold Now in Production


buggy_med.pngLake Forest Entertainment in association with Busted Buggy Entertainment have today announced their new psychological thriller, Threshold, starring Randy Wayne, Trilby Glover, Leslie Stevens, Courtney Daniels, Derek Magyar and Rich Paul. The film is the feature directorial debut of Jason Eric Perlman and is produced by William Clevinger. Executive Producer is Graham Kaye and co-producers are Elliott Michael Smith and Nick Zuvic.

“We’re thrilled to have assembled an extremely talented cast and crew to bring the impactful tale that is ‘Threshold’ to audiences around the world,” said Clevinger. “We’re working hard to ensure the film maintains the perfect balance of commercial viability and artistic integrity. Graham and myself spent the last several years developing the story with Jason, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Described as being a psychological thriller that delves into the realms of afterlife and rebirth, Threshold follows a young couple who, after years of trying to have a child with no success, finds the ideal little boy to adopt. As their dreams of being parents come to fruition and they settle into the happiness and comfort of family life, fate takes an alarming turn when a tragic accident happens with their child.

Devastated beyond belief, the grieving parents try their best to heal. As time passes by and they begin to resume normal lives, the story reaches a frightening pinnacle when the couple finds themselves held hostage by a woman who seems to know everything about them and their late child.

Threshold is currently in production and shooting through the end of the month in the Los Angeles.