As We Predicted, Godzilla Will Return in 2018


godzillaboxofficesocialsBack in May, when Gareth Edwards was brought on board a new Star Wars film, I speculated we wouldn’t be seeing Godzilla 2 hit theaters until 2018. Today, Warner Bros. and Legendary revealed the sequel will hit theaters on June 8, 2018.

Edwards will direct and, beyond that, we don’t know much more. Adversary-wise, it’s now known that will be one of the three canon kaiju: Rodan, Mothra or King Ghidorah. Not all three as many reports have been saying.

Legendary made it very clear at Comic-Con that Toho was very pleased with how the first Godzilla turned out so it offered Legendary the rights to use those three creatures for future films.

Godzilla, released at the start of the summer, grossed over $200 million domestic and over $500 million worldwide.