2 Bedroom 1 Bath Gets a September Release Date


2 Bedroom 1 Bath posterThe supernatural thriller 2 Bedroom 1 Bath will see a limited theatrical release on September 5th from Al Bravo Studios and Chemical Mind Studios.

Starring Michelle Hicks and Andrew W. Walker, the film focuses on a couple whose seemingly perfect dream home quickly becomes their nightmare.

Rachel and Kevin Foster are a couple who have finally found the ideal apartment where they can build a future and raise their children. It’s a fresh start for their sometimes troubled marriage, but as they begin to settle into their new home, their plans are quickly interrupted. Strange occurrences in the apartment begin to invade Kevin’s dreams and challenge Rachel’s sanity.

The hauntings are so terrorizing that Kevin is forced to delve into the history of their new home and he uncovers a shocking past that threatens to destroy his and Rachel’s future.  

The film also features appearances by Eric Roberts, Costas Mandylor and Dee Wallace.

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