Sony Drops Another Mysterious Teaser – Is It Until Dawn, the Teen Slasher?


Until DawnPlaystation has been rather mysterious with their “viral” teasers leading up to Gamescon. The latest has people talking though. What is it and what is it referring to? No word yet but we’ve got a good guess for you.

About a month ago, the game Until Dawn was on the Playstation schedule. This of course went viral within minutes and the title was pulled. Looking at the teaser, we see an icy cold window, and blood. This followed by a figure in what appears to be a mask making a chopping movement. Could Until Dawn have been pulled in an attempt save the surprise for Gamescon? Anything is possible but it is a title that refuses to die so let’s wait and see.

For those who don’t remember (or never knew), Until Dawn is a teen slasher style horror game that was originally developed for the PS3 MOVE. That never happened as it ran into development issues. Most thought it was dead but it would pop up every now and again in press releases and such. Playstation also stated that the game was in fact  not cancelled. So those are my thoughts. Attached beneath the PlaystationGC teasers is the Until Dawn trailer. What are your thoughts?