Jane Levy Doesn’t Know Much About Evil Dead 2


file_173231_0_evildeadredbandPure click bait article time, I’m prone to it too, but I’ll preface this with: Remember back in May when Evil Dead director Fede Alvarez said Evil Dead 2 would be made when the time was right? Well, take that into account before reading further, just so you have a sense of perspective here.

Our pals at Arrow in the Head spoke with Evil Dead remake star Jane Levy and pressed her for information about Evil Dead 2. No shocker here: She doesn’t know much. And why should she? If Alvarez says the sequel will be made when the time is right, Levy isn’t going to get many updates any time soon until something is solid gold.

Any way, here’s what Levy said:

I don’t think they’re gonna make it. I mean, they’re always coming up with a new thing- now I hear they’re making a TV show. I was like, what? [Laughs] I think they just like exciting their fans and confusing them. I honestly don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like there’s going to be an EVIL DEAD 2 anytime soon. At least, not with me in it.

So there you have it. Another case of “an actor isn’t entirely in the loop on the development of a sequel, but don’t blame her because she’s gotta say something, right?”

As for that television series she’s talking about. Here are the details on that.