Lakeshore Records is Bringing the Sounds of Hannibal to Your Ears


hannibal cd1Lakeshore Records will release four volumes of music from the hit NBC television series Hannibal, composed by Brian Reitzell (Lost in Translation).

The Hannibal Season One Volumes 1 & 2 soundtrack will be available digitally on August 5th and on CD September 2, 2014.  

The Hannibal Season Two Volumes 1 & 2 Original TV Soundtracks will be available digitally on September 2nd and on CD September 23, 2014.  

“Visually it’s so artfully done and quite fantastical, so I see it like an opera staging, otherwise I might be more disturbed,” said Reitzell of Hannibal.  “Listening to the music alone is scarier than in the context of the show.”

Do yourself a favor and pick these volumes up, the score is remarkable, eerie and recalls the madness one gets from hearing the clangs and noises that made up the soundtrack to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.