John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Gets Release Date, Track List Revealed

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes – that new solo album we’ve been telling you about all last month – now has a release date of February 3rd. Sacred Bones Records is handling the release and, as we told you last week, you can hear the first track, “Vortex,” here.

Jesse von Doom, the creator of the

John Carpenter’s Lost Themes Album Has a Home, Listen to the First Track

If you were not at Beyond Fest then you certainly read it at Shock first that John Carpenter was aligning with a record company to put out a “Lost Themes” album. Today, more info has been revealed regarding that album, furthermore, you can hear a track as well!
It appears Sacred Bones Records will be bringing this thing to life. If you go to their site now, you’ll find their landing page has a sample called “Vortex.” It is very much in line Carpenter’s “vibe.”

Mondo to Release Goldenthal’s Pet Sematary Score on Vinyl

Justin Ishmael of Mondo released an awesome tease via his Instagram yesterday. I suspect we’ll see an official “announcement” later today or tomorrow (Thursday). He posted a picture of the package art you see here of a Pet Sematary vinyl that will be available to order on Friday. That’s right, Elliot Goldenthal’s score is being released. And that artwork is magnificent. Would love to get that on my wall.

John Carpenter to Release Lost Themes Album

John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis participated in a Q&A last night in Hollywood for a Halloween screening event put on by Beyond Fest.

While you can get some of the highlights from the event in our previous report here, there’s one thing that was certainly deserving of its own news item.

Carpenter revealed that early next year, he’ll be putting out an album that will contain all of his “lost” themes. That should be an interesting mix, for sure!

MondoCon: Death Waltz Records Heads into the Berberian Sound Studio to Bring The…

More new vinyl news out of MondoCon this weekend. At the Death Waltz Records table, the team presented a look at their next release The Equestrian Vortex. Does that ring a bell?

That’s the film within Berberian Sound Studio with the terrific theme musical and credits sequence. The Equestrian Vortex is arguably the best thing about Peter Strickland’s movie starring Toby Jones.