True Blood Recap: Episode 705 ‘Return to Oz’


Was this episode written by Shonda Rhimes? Because this week’s episode felt like a lot of emotional realizations without much actually happening. It wasn’t overly sappy, but this episode felt so long.  It was a true “middle episode:” we wrapped up the plotline from the first half of the season, and set up the plots for the second half. Unfortunately, the plot setups were a little weak. We have a whole bunch of scorned lovers, and we discover Bill is infected. No surprise there. I am eager to see what kind of torture Eric will rain down on Sarah.

Sookie returns to a home without Alcide. Lafayette is there, and puts her to bed. Sookie wakes nearly 24 hours later, and discovers that Lafayette and James have set out a huge buffet. They have scheduled a party to help ease Sookie’s loneliness and celebrate life. She goes along with it begrudgingly, and only after Bill shows up, painfully on time.

The whole town shows up, and the aforementioned soapy drama ensues. The important stuff:

  • Andy and Holly get engaged.
  • James, sick of Jessica’s distant attitude, goes outside to hang out with Lafayette. They start kissing. Andy finally begs Jessica to forgive herself because it was hard for him to move on with her moping around. She finally warms up and goes looking for James – and finds him fucking Lafayette in their car. Jess is horrified and demands Jason revoke his invitation to the house. I’m not sure what bothered her more: that James was cheating on her, or that he is a bottom.
  • Jason goes to comfort Jessica. After a brief confrontation with Lafayette, in which he tells her to either love James or let him go, Jessica and Jason start fucking. Violet goes looking for Jason and hears them having sex. Rather than walk in on them, she goes back downstairs. So that is coming.
  • The reverend won’t let Lettie Mae go to the party because there will be too much temptation for her. She drugs his chili with allergy medicine and slips out while he is asleep. At the party, Lettie Mae shares her thoughts on Tara and partakes in a soda, but when Willa shows up, Lettie Mae goes nuts and attacks her with a kitchen knife. Fangs come out all around, but Sam and Sookie deflate the situation quickly and Lafayette takes his crazy aunt home. There could have been so much more with this situation, but it comes and goes quickly.
  • Nicole has spent this entire season sitting in corners and sulking. Well she finally has had enough and explodes during the party, mad at everyone for everything; namely that she is traumatized by her kidnapping and offended that people in this town think this is all “normal.” I was annoyed by her silent, pointless pouting all season; I’m not sure if this hypocritical nonsense is better or worse. You are having a shapeshifter’s baby! This is your new normal.

All the interesting stuff is happening in Dallas. Willa shares what she knows about Sarah Newlin’s movements, but only on the condition that Eric release her. He does, and she spills about Sarah’s sister, Amber Mills. And she doesn’t even do porn! Amber wasn’t abducted by vampires, never to be heard from again, like Sarah has been telling people. Amber, black sheep of the family, became a fang-banger right out of high school. Her boyfriend, Jeremy, changed her. Sarah was horrified and paid her sister off to stay in the coffin. Amber has Hep V, and watched Jeremy die of it. She wants to help Eric and Pam kill her sister.

Getting no help from Amber, Sarah’s next move will be to find her parents, who are attending a Ted Cruz fundraiser. Eric and Pam will go undercover (what Pam calls being a “Republi-cunt”) and in what is possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen on True Blood, Eric wears a cowboy hat.

Sarah accosts “mommy” in the bathroom. Mom is not happy to see the daughter who shamed her, is less happy to see she died her hair brown, and is disgusted when Sarah explains she is a Buddhist. Mom seems to think that her daughter is positively deranged when she says she is being chased by the Yakuza – but then the Yakuza show up at the hotel and just fuck the place up. They come in, guns and swords blazing, and mow down everyone who crosses their path. It’s like a Quentin Tarantino film. When Dad doesn’t know where Sarah is, they shoot him. When they find Sarah and her mom running down a service hallway, they shoot mom without hesitation. Sarah keeps running – and runs right into Eric. He lifts her off the ground by the neck, then realizes the Yakuza are still there. He slices them to pieces with their own swords, then takes a few extra moments to rip the jaw off the “main” gangster. Now we get to look forward to whatever torture he plans to bring upon Sarah!

And in a final reveal that I think is supposed to be shocking (but isn’t), Bill is in the early stages of Hep V. 


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