Sleepy Hollow Promo Reveals Big Things to Come


file_176475_0_SLEEPY_HOLLOW_WHITE_LABEL_2500_640x360_30099011943One Sleepy Hollow fan recorded the new 16-second promo that is making the rounds for the second season. The series returns to Fox this fall and, damn it, they’re still using that war footage that became a drinking game (do a shot every time Ichabod and the Horseman meet on the battlefield). The preview is loaded with footage new and old so give it a look here, if you’re a fan.

The second season will pick up immediately where the first left off: Ichabod is in a coffin and Abbie is in Purgatory. How the writers will resolve this, I have no clue. On this show: Anything goes.

When we caught up to Roberto Orci a month ago, he told us: “We’re not treading water. Sometimes, I think, it’s easy to do more of the same in your second season and it’s easy to say, ‘Let’s save some of the things we were thinking of for much later and how do we just do some filler until we get there.’ We’re trying to not do any filler. Everything is like a season finale, it’s the way we thought of it this year. You have an idea? Great! Don’t save it. Put yourself in a corner, that’s how we keep it entertaining. Entertaining for us.”