Sleepy Hollow Gets a Ichabod Crane Tie-In Journal

It didn’t take long for the Fox show Sleepy Hollow to become a smash hit and now we’re starting to see various tie-ins surround the series. Over at Nerdist there’s an official podcast and on September 16th Random House releases “The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane,” written by Alex Irvine.
Here’s the publisher’s description…

Hey, Look! It’s Benjamin Franklin in a Sleepy Hollow TV Spot

Horror and history will continue to collide when Sleepy Hollow returns to Fox on September 22nd. A new TV spot has hit the web and while it features some footage we’ve seen before, this preview introduces Benjamin Franklin. A kite-flying, winking Benjamin Franklin. How he’ll factor into the show’s sophomore season is anyone’s guess, but his addition is amusing to me.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Teaser Debuts New Footage

Fox debuted a new teaser trailer for Sleepy Hollow season 2 and, yes, that’s new poster art you’re seeing here as well. The show is returning to Fox’s Monday night line-up this fall beginning September 22nd and it looks like it’s going to start with a bang.
Katrina is in purgatory (although we suspect not for long). Ichabod was being buried alive (although we suspect not for long). “War” is present and about to wreak some havoc (for how long, we don’t know) and let’s not forget about that Headless Horseman, shall we?

A season 2 synopsis hasn’t been revealed just yet, but stay tuned.

Horror Highlights of Comic-Con: Friday, July 25th

If you missed my breakdown of Preview Night and Thursday’s events at the San Diego Comic-Con. I suggest you follow this link. Don’t want you missing anything…
Below you’ll find a breakdown of all of the horror happenings at the Con on Friday, July 25th. As previously mentioned, will be in attendance this year participating in panel coverage, interviews and more.

For a complete schedule, head on over to the official event site. I should mention, if you are attending, KEEP YOUR FRIDAY EVENING FREE. I’ll explain why on Monday.
Now, let’s see what’s on tap for the day…

Fox Sets a Date for Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Premiere

Sleepy Hollow season 2 will kick off on Monday, September 22nd on Fox. No official synopsis has been released for the sophomore run, but stay tuned. And, if you missed the promo that is now airing, check it out in our earlier story here.

Sleepy Hollow Promo Reveals Big Things to Come

One Sleepy Hollow fan recorded the new 16-second promo that is making the rounds for the second season. The series returns to Fox this fall and, damn it, they’re still using that war footage that became a drinking game (do a shot every time Ichabod and the Horseman meet on the battlefield). The preview is loaded with footage new and old so give it a look here, if you’re a fan.

The second season will pick up immediately where the first left off: Ichabod is in a coffin and Abbie is in Purgatory. How the writers will resolve this, I have no clue. On this show: Anything goes.

The Bloodcast Episode 77: Sleepaway Camp & Spoiler Culture

?This episode of The Bloodcast features a menagerie of topics. Hosts Ryan and Clarke begin by recapping their night at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery where Fox held a special Sleepy Hollow event for both seasons 1 and 2.

They also discuss some of the films they saw over the last week (such as The Devil’s Advocate and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) and touch on the topic of the chilling true life attempted murder of a 12-year-old girl that reportedly carried a tie to the urban legend “Slender Man.” Then it’s on to…Sleepaway Camp!

Exclusive: Roberto Orci, Heather Kadin Talk Sleepy Hollow Season 2

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles serves as the backdrop for a Sleepy Hollow season 2 sneak peek. Fox rolled out the red carpet and welcomed stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie as well as executive producers Roberto Orci, Len Wiseman, Mark Goffman and Heather Kadin for a screening of the season 1 finale and footage from season 2.

Fox announced the show’s sophomore run will kick off on September 22nd and Orci says the thing that’s getting him excited about this upcoming season is…

Sleepy Hollow 2-Hour Season Finale Reschedules The Following

Fox is doing a bit of reshuffling as far as the finale of Sleepy Hollow and the season two debut of The Following is concerned. Sleepy Hollow will now conclude its first season in a special two-hour event on Monday, January 20th from 8-10pm ET/PT.

The Following, meanwhile, will stick to its original plan to debut season two “special preview” on Sunday, January 19th with the official season premiere to kick off on Monday, January 27th (not the 20th, as originally planned).

Sleepy Hollow Offers An 8-Minute Look at the Next Episode

Oh, hi, Sleepy Hollow.  Glad you could join us after you decided to take a break during the most appropriate time of your existence: Halloween.  I know there was this thing called the World Series and all, but what the hell?

Well, welcome back.  I’ll be glad to see your return on November 4th.

And thanks for the 8-minute preview inside.