Kevin Smith Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet is Getting a Spin-Off


TuskTusk doesn't arrive in theaters until this fall, but director Kevin Smith is already thinking spin-off. According to Screen Daily, he's looking to do Yoga-Hosers, a spin-off of Tusk based on two characters you apparently see for only five minutes in that film.

It doesn't sound at all like a horror film as Smith said Tusk is part of a "horror trilogy" that began with Red State and will end with the forthcoming Anti-Claus (his Krampus film). What is known about Yoga-Hosers is this, according to SD:

“Like Tusk, [Yoga-Hosers] sprang out of a podcast,” Smith told Screen.

“There are two characters in a convenience store in Tusk that you see for five minutes, very much Ronsencrantz and Guildenstern.

“I’ve built a whole movie around them and I have brought one of the other characters from Tusk back.”

A24 is handling Tusk's distribution.

In the film, Michael Parks plays a creep who lures Justin Long's character (a dude who runs a podcast) into his abode and then slowly turns him into a walrus. Genesis Rodriguez co-stars wth Haley Joel Osment.