Review: Smith Gets Closer to Making a Horror Film With the Uneven Tusk

Tusk is a bit of a mess. But this is what you get from an idea born on writer-director (podcaster) Kevin Smith’s SModcast and molded from both conversations had there and by fan input. It’s an uneven horror-comedy that could have easily worked had it not been for the strained humor that takes control of the narrative halfway through. Balancing horror and comedy is hard, as history has proven, but Smith has an especially difficult time here. Tusk works best when it’s embracing its outlandish nature and the uneasy laughs that derive from the terrifying notion of a man being transformed into a walrus. On that alone, Smith sails uncharted, exciting waters career-wise. However, he steers the film back around into more familiar territory that will no doubt please fans of his podcast and his earlier films but will disappoint those looking for him deliver a tonally consistent horror film.

Check Out a Clip from Kevin Smith’s Tusk

Director Kevin Smith himself revealed a clip from Tusk which opens in theaters September 19th. The film is described as a chilling horror tale about the perils of storytelling. Tusk follows a brash American podcaster as he braves the Canadian wilds to interview an old man with an incredible past

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Our Tusk Photo Gallery Gets Some New Additions & a Leg Excision

If new images of Justin Long in a commendable mustache or Justin Long in a wheelchair are your thing, then you’ll want to dive right into our photo gallery for Tusk. (It seems Long has lost his leg in one of them.)
The film – said to be in the vein of The Human Centipede but given that “Kevin Smith touch” – is hitting the festival circuit really hard this season. You’ll be seeing a review of the film here on Shock soon-ish.

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Full SpectreFest Line-Up for Los Angeles Revealed

SpectreVision and Cinefamily in Los Angeles are teaming up once again for another SpectreFest this fall and the full line-up has been revealed.

It was announced by SpectreVision partners Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller.

Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith Team for Yoga Hosers

We’re exactly one month from the release of Kevin Smith’s latest feature, the man-into-walrus horror tale Tusk. Now, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Smith already has a very different followup in the works.

Smith is teaming with actor Johnny Depp for a film called Yoga Hosers that will star their respective daughters, Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp. The second entry in Smith’s Canada-centric “True North Trilogy,” Yoga Hosers follows the adventures of two 15-year-old girls, Colleen Collette (Depp) and Colleen McKenzie (Smith) who go into battle after an ancient evil returns, teaming with a Montreal legend, Guy Lapointe (the elder Depp) for a Yoga-infused offense.

Fantastic Fest 2014 Wave 1 Films Revealed: Tusk, VHS Viral, Horsehead & More!

This is going to be an incredible year for Fantastic Fest. It’s the 10th anniversary, also, the event is returning to the all-new Alamo South Lamar and Highball. If you recall, Fantast Fest took a break from that location because it was being totally rebuilt.
I’ll be heading down for the fest which takes place September 18-25th in Austin, Texas. Today, the first wave of films has been revealed.

Before I share those with you, check out that FF poster art by none other than Geoff Darrow.

TIFF Announces Its 2014 Midnight Madness, Vanguard Slates

The Midnight Madness and Vanguard slates at the Toronto International Film Festival were revealed this morning and they feature quite a crop of promising films. Per the official site, this program offers “The wild side: midnight screenings of the best in action, horror, shock and fantasy cinema.”
Kevin Smith’s Tusk leads the pack. The film stars Justin Long and Michael Parks and concerns a podcast who meets an eccentric old man who intends to turn him into a walrus. We spoke to Smith about the film at Comic-Con – read that interview here.

Comic-Con Interview: Kevin Smith on the Wild, Weird World of Tusk

Kevin Smith sounds like he’s making his ode to ’80s horror with Tusk. That’s just the vibe I got from the director after talking with him at Comic-Con where he debuted the very first trailer for the film starring Michael Parks and Justin Long.

In the film, Long plays a podcaster who specializes in interviewing “interesting” people for his program. His travels carry him to Canada where he meets an older gent (Parks) with a helluva history and who packs one insane agenda: He intends to turn Long’s character into a walrus. Co-star Genesis Rodriguez told me before my chat with Smith that it’s no secret Parks’ character succeeds, my only question is: Upon walrus transformation – where the hell does the story go from there?

Horror Highlights of Comic-Con: Friday, July 25th

If you missed my breakdown of Preview Night and Thursday’s events at the San Diego Comic-Con. I suggest you follow this link. Don’t want you missing anything…
Below you’ll find a breakdown of all of the horror happenings at the Con on Friday, July 25th. As previously mentioned, ShockTillYouDrop.com will be in attendance this year participating in panel coverage, interviews and more.

For a complete schedule, head on over to the official event site. I should mention, if you are attending, KEEP YOUR FRIDAY EVENING FREE. I’ll explain why on Monday.
Now, let’s see what’s on tap for the day…

Kevin Smith Debuts Tusk Teaser Poster, Trailer Heads to Comic-Con

Kevin Smith has debuted the poster for Tusk, his latest “horror film” which is due to arrive in theaters this fall from A24. According to the filmmaker, the San Diego Comic-Con will serve as the backdrop for the movie’s trailer premiere.
Smith dropped both bits of news via his blog this afternoon. The poster takes the minimalistic approach. “Let me tell you a story…” gives it a fairy tale vibe. But I think this film may be far from a fairy tale.

Kevin Smith Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet is Getting a Spin-Off

Tusk doesn’t arrive in theaters until this fall, but director Kevin Smith is already thinking spin-off. According to Screen Daily, he’s looking to do Yoga-Hosers, a spin-off of Tusk based on two characters you apparently see for only five minutes in that film.

It doesn’t sound at all like a horror film as Smith said Tusk is part of a “horror trilogy” that began with Red State and will end with the forthcoming Anti-Claus (his Krampus film).

Kevin Smith Offers a Bloody Look at Justin Long in Tusk

Kevin Smith shared a photo of actor Justin Long on the set of Tusk today, via Instagram. And what we’re looking at here appears to be Long’s character undergoing his walrus transformation. His arms are stitched together and his teeth…I’m not sure what’s up with his mouth there.

A24 is releasing the film this fall.

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Kevin Smith is Moving Forward With Anti-Claus Project

That Kevin Smith holiday horror film we first told you about in January has its cast and is gaining momentum, reports THR.

The director is going to reunite with his cast of Tusk – Justin Long, Michael Parks, Haley Joel Osment and Genesis Rodriguez – for Anti-Claus. Your first look at the Krampus creature that will appear in the film comes via concept art from Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps.

Gerard Way Contributing to Kevin Smith’s Tusk

The latest on Kevin Smith’s next attempt at horror, Tusk, is this: The film is in post-production and A24 is aiming for a fall 2014 release. And, according to Smith, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance has recorded a new track for the film.

To bring you up to speed on the plot, Michael Parks plays a creep who lures Justin Long’s character (a dude who runs a podcast) into his abode and then slowly turns him into a walrus. Genesis Rodriguez co-stars wth Haley Joel Osment.