They Want to Remake The Omen and Audition

theomenCombining two bits of remake news here because, well, what the hell… Let's start with the ludicrous project first. Apparently, Fox wasn't content with 2006's remake of The Omen and is developing another one. This time with Platinum Dunes. Yeah, you know the PD fellas – they gave us The Texas Chainsaw MassacreThe Amityville HorrorThe HitcherFriday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street remakes.

Bloody-Disgusting broke the news, but didn't elaborate more beyond that. Is it just chatter? Or is there something more to it?

Lifetime is deveoping a television series, called Damien, that has The Walking Dead's Glen Mazzara on board as showrunner. Damien is a popular boy these days…

Next, we have Audition. This you could file under "it was only a matter of time." Mario Kassar (The TerminatorBasic Instinct) is producing a redo of this Takashi Miike flick about a dude who holds auditions for a potential gal pal and pays the price.

Deadline says Richard Gray is adapting and it will concern a widower with a son who is convinced by his filmmaker pal to hold auditions for a girlfriend. He finds a ballerina with a dark past and you know the rest of the story if you've seen Audition.

Shooting begins this fall.


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