The 10 Best Horror Sequels of the Last 10 Years


Horror Sequels

If you polled the horror community in an effort to find out what most fans think is wrong with the current state of the genre, it’s likely that "a lack of originality" would receive the highest percentage of votes. It’s no secret that the landscape of the genre has been absolutely flooded with unoriginality in the past decade, with remakes, sequels and shameless rip-offs comprising the large majority of the recent horror movie output.

That said, there are remakes, sequels and yes, even rip-offs, that get it right, and give a good name to this inherent lack of originality. True, we’ve seen some pretty awful remakes in recent years as well as more than a handful of sequels that were clearly made for the sole purpose of capitalizing on an established brand, but we’ve also gotten some pretty good examples of both, which oftentimes get forgotten while we’re spending so much time focusing on the bad.

Here on Shock, we take a look at the past decade’s horror sequels, shining the spotlight on ten of them that prove that a sequel can be just as good – if not better – than the film it’s a follow-up to. Keep in mind that these choices merely represent my personal favorites, so if you disagree, let’s have a healthy discussion in the comments section, rather than a flame war!

We kick off the list with Hellraiser: Revelations, which was released back in…

Just kidding. Onto the real list, in no particular order!

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