Rank ‘Em! The Many Faces of Freddy Krueger from Best to Worst!



When Ryan asked me to participate in crafting a list of the “ultimate” version of some of our favorite horror icons, I jumped at the chance to tackle Freddy Krueger.

Since I was young, I always loved Freddy. Not only was he this supernatural half-Wolverine, but he was so jovial about it all. The levity of it allowed to me to enjoy the movies more, not only to myself, but with a wider audience.

So, I sat down one day and just watched all of the Nightmare on Elm Street flicks, from the '84 original to the critically panned remake. The hardest thing to do when watching the movie was to remind myself I wasn’t grading the film, but the Freddy that existed inside the film.

Without any further ado, here is my humble opinion on the order of best to worst Freddy Krueger.