Tremors, Beetlejuice & Dune Collide in the Best Fan Art You’ll See Today

Twitter's a fun place for discovery. Take, for instance, a piece of fan art that is making the rounds this morning. It comes to us from Stephen Andrade and features a Graboid from Tremors, a sandworm from Beetlejuice and a sandworm from Dune in a race. And look closely at their riders. Yep, that's Valentine, Beetlejuice himself and, likely, Paul Atreides. Now, this art – entitled "The Great Sandworm Race" – has been around a bit, apparently. According to Andrade's website, it was created for the Crazy for Cult 7 art show at G88 in 2013. Damn it, I love this… Go poke around Andrade's site for some other great pieces.

Who are you betting on in this race?



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