Tremors 5 Sees Return of Series Regular

Moviehole usually has a firm finger on the pulse of all things direct-to-DVD. They scored some good intel when Curse of Chucky came along, I recall, so they’ve obviously got their connections, which is why I don’t see any reason not to run with their latest scoop on that Tremors reboot we reported on earlier.
If you recall, that report stated Don Michael Paul was going to be helming a new film for Universal’s home video division. Not too many details were revealed other than that it would lens in South Africa.

Director Reveals He’s Helming a Tremors Reboot

Don Michael Paul is making a decent living directing sequels that head to VOD and DVD. It began with Lake Placid: The Final Chapter and, according to his blog, he has already shot Jarhead 2: Field of Fire and Sniper: Legacy (the Sniper movies are still going?!). Soon, he’s apparently going to be doing a Tremors reboot for Universal.

Yes, a new take on the 1990 film – arguably one of the best monster movies of the ’90s – that starred Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward and concerns underground worm-like creatures with mouth tentacles that ate people.

Tremors, Beetlejuice & Dune Collide in the Best Fan Art You’ll See Today

Twitter’s a fun place for discovery. Take, for instance, a piece of fan art that is making the rounds this morning. It comes to us from Stephen Andrade and features a Graboid from Tremors, a sandworm from Beetlejuice and a sandworm from Dune in a race. And look closely at their riders. Yep, that’s Valentine, Beetlejuice himself and, likely, Paul Atreides.