Rank ’em! The Many Faces of Jason Voorhees from Best to Worst!


Jason voorhees

Shock Till You Drop's contributing writers are ranking the many incarnations of horror's most popular icons, franchise by franchise. Last week, John Squires tackled Leatherface and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. This week, it was only apropos that I scrutinize Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th seeing as, well, there's a Friday the 13th this month.

Earlier, I ranked the franchise's installments, from best to worst – you can read about that here. With this piece, I'm breaking down the many interpretations of Voorhees and ranking them, again, from best to worst.

I encourage you to weigh in with your own ranking using the comment board below – definitely want to hear your thoughts on this! And, if you're heading to Cinefamily in Los Angeles for the "Jarvis Trilogy" be sure to say hi!