Robert Englund Wants You to Find a Home for Psychos in This PSA


chiller psa

The horror channel Chiller released today a new PSA that's rather amusing. It finds Robert Englund – genre stalwart and actor best known for his turn as Freddy Krueger – asking viewers to help "deranged psychopathic killers" find a home. You see, they have no place to scare people. Chiller is the solution.

Like I said, amusing. Although, I would have loved to have seen it play on the heartstrings a bit more like those heartbreaking animal shelter PSAs hosted by Sarah McLachlan. Those things are f'in evil, man. They'll destroy you.

The Chiller PSA is fun, though. Click on the player below. It's only a minute or so of your time…and at look how big "Gregory" is standing next to Englund. Jesus, that dude is a behemoth.

Chiller is now the only big horror channel out there, now that it has absorbed FEARnet. It's still not available in HD, though. Don't know what's up with that…

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