Exclusive: Roberto Orci, Heather Kadin Talk Sleepy Hollow Season 2


Sleepy Hollow red carpetThe Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles serves as the backdrop for a Sleepy Hollow season 2 sneak peek. Fox rolled out the red carpet and welcomed stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie as well as executive producers Roberto Orci, Len Wiseman, Mark Goffman and Heather Kadin for a screening of the season 1 finale and footage from season 2.

Fox announced the show's sophomore run will kick off on September 22nd and Orci says the thing that's getting him excited about this upcoming season is, "how our characters are going to deal with the fact that the classic villain maybe is someone they're related to. That's just a juicy, loaded drama."

Production is well underway on episode 2 of season 2, Orci and Kadin told me last night, and season 2 will pick up immediately where season 1 left off: Abbie's still in Purgatory and Ichabod is trapped in a casket by his son, Henry.

"We're not treading water. Sometimes, I think, it's easy to do more of the same in your second season and it's easy to say, 'Let's save some of the things we were thinking of for much later and how do we just do some filler until we get there.' We're trying to not do any filler. Everything is like a season finale, it's the way we thought of it this year. You have an idea? Great! Don't save it," said Orci. "Put yourself in a corner, that's how we keep it entertaining. Entertaining for us."

Asked about the importance of having an endgame in mind, Kadin told Shock: "To Kevin Reilly's credit, before we started writing anything for season 1, he had us come in and lay out the six tentpoles of what we were going to do, what the end was. We spent two weeks in the room with the writers just talking about that. I think fans of the genre are savvy and know when you're b.s.'ing and they'll see how we're unfolding, they'll know where we are going."

And for fans of the series who are just as amused as I am about the humor that stems from Ichabod learning about modern technology, Orci assures Sleepy Hollow's viewers you can probably expect more of that. "I just found out what an oculus was yesterday," Orci laughed, "so if I can still be finding out new stuff, I bet you he can."