The Scavenger Killers Are Coming This July

scavengerNeed some more serial killer fare in your life? Midnight Releasing announces the July 1st DVD, VOD and Digital Download release of Scavenger Killers, a blood and guts contemporary tale of justice gone very, very wrong.  

Directed by Dylan Blank and co-written by Kenneth Del Vecchio and Rachael Robbins, Scavenger Killers stars Robert Bogue (The Following) as charismatic and respected Judge Taylor Limone, and co-starring Rachael Robbins (Bikini Bloodbath Christmas) as sultry, scheming attorney Clara Lovering, the film graphically portrays what can happen when the pressures of bringing the most heinous criminals to justice ferments into a darkly psychological and sexual pursuit of perverse pleasure. The sensual becomes seethingly sinister when these two citizens see to it that justice is served their way.

Eric Roberts, Charles Durning and Robert Loggia along with a quirky appearance by Dustin Diamond star.


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