Dylan Penn is No Longer Alone in Condemned

Johnny MessnerWhen we last heard about Condemned, we learned Dylan Penn was going to star. Caliber Media informs us Johnny Messner (pictured), Ronen Rubinstein, Shawn Christensen, Jon Abrahams, Jordan Gelber, Lydia Hearst, Honor Titus, Genevieve Hudson-Price, Anthony Chisholm, Kevin Kirkwood, Kea Ho, and Michael Drayer also join the cast.

Eli Morgan Gesner will direct the horror film; cameras begin rolling in April.

The film is set in a condemned, filthy squat in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and follows the building residents who succumb to an infection from their own waste and garbage, inciting a 'battle royale' where they all go berserk and try to kill one another. It sounds like a contemporary Street Trash or something that kooky.


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