Absentia, Oculus Helmer Boards Thriller, Diver

Mike Flanagan SomniaMike Flanagan will next direct Diver for Intrepid Pictures, reports Deadline. Flanagan has been the subject of a lot of Shock coverage. The man is the director of Absentia and the forthcoming Oculus. He's also finishing up Somnia, starring Kate Bosworth. That's your first look at Somnia.

According to Deadline: "Diver revolves around a secret project based in New Orleans that involves a team sent to enter the minds of the recently dead to experience their final memories in order to solve the most heinous crimes. When the Divers breach the barrier between the living and the dead, they must contend with the supernatural force they unleash."

The subject of investigators entering minds has been the subject of many films like Dreamscape and The Cell. Flanagan will no doubt put his own twist on this, I'm sure.

Oculus opens April 11th. Stay tuned for more on Diver. We'll be talking to Flanagan soon at SXSW!


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