Monday Discussion: What’s Your Favorite Decade of Horror?

Horror decadesSomeone said to me once, "The '70s is the only decade worth a damn for horror, everything after that sucked." And it struck me…he was right.

There were plenty of worthwhile horror films that came out in the ensuing decades. But if you look at quality, voice and history, the '70s delivered. That decade, for me, screamed the loudest and shaped the genre in so many ways. For that aforementioned colleague I was talking to, the '70s were it. It was his favorite decade and the one he considered the best in horror.

The '80s are hands-down my favorite decade, however.

I respect the '70s, but I adore the '80s. And much of that simply has to do with my genre upbringing and my formative years of horror. From beginning to end, the '80s delivered films that I find no trouble watching repeatedly.

The '70s fall into second place followed by a split between the 1930s/1940s in third place – both of those decades gave so much in the world of classic horror.

So, how about you? What is your favorite decade of horror? What was the criteria behind your selection? Use our comment boards below to weigh in!


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