1985 Flashback! That Time Vincent Price Looked Back on The Exorcist, Frankenstein

file_175449_0_the-exorcistHey, remember when Vincent Price was hired to play host to a few horror-related segments on Entertainment Tonight? I don't, but apparently he did back in 1985. That was when the evening, long-running entertainment show decided to reflecting on the "masters of horror" and enlisted Price to carry audiences through a series of retrospectives.

Similar to this video, which we brought you yesterday, I discovered the one you'll find here on YouTube. It features two of those "masters of horror" segments and finds Price looking back on The Exorcist – with a series of interviews involving many of the film's key players – and Frankenstein.

That year, Price was a regular on The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo lending his voice to the character Vincent VanGhoul.

What I laugh about now is that shows of this ilk like Extra or Access Hollywood would never do a segment like this today. Ever. Those shows have their nose planted so far up Miley Cyrus and other tabloid celeb's asses, their producers wouldn't dare do something like this. Ah, how times have changed.



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