Waxwork Records Now Tackling An ’80s Cult Fave


chopping mall posterWaxwork Records posted an announcement today via its Twitter account. The company behind the Re-Animator and Rosemary's Baby soundtracks on vinyl revealed it will be handling the OST release of 1986's Chopping Mall, by composer Chuck Cirino.

Cirino regularly collaborated with director Jim Wynorski, who helmed Chopping Mall.  Cirino also did the the score for The Return of Swamp Thing and Not of This Earth.  Cirino also juggled cinematogrpher and directing duties on other projects.

In Chopping Mall, a group of "teens" (20-somethings) get trapped in a mall after hours and are hunting down by the shopping center's robotic security force.

No word yet on a release date yet! Listen to the film's theme here.