Kevin Smith Now Wants to Do a Krampus Anthology Horror Movie


krampusMore creative good is coming out the SModcast for Kevin Smith.  Last year, we watched the production of Tusk unfold.  The seed for that film grew out of his podcast and became a film starring Justin Long and Michael Parks.  We'll be seeing that hit the screens later this year.  Now, Smith tells the followers of his blog that he's going to begin budgeting and scheduling a horror anthology film called Comes the Krampus! and he's pulling in his SModcast family to help out.

Krampus has slowly seeped into the genre pop culture scene over the last few years.  I've watched my usual haunts – around the holidays – steadily stock Krampus ornaments, shirts and sundry Christmas goodies.  Krampus has also inspired a few indie horror films that have gone into production.  Has anyone brought Krampus to the big screen in a big way?  Not yet.  But Smith aims to turn that around.

Read on for his update:

I was goofing around with Mr. Edumacation himself, Professor Andy McElfresh, when we accidentally brainstormed a Christmas horror anthology that would eschew the gruesome spin on Santa Claus, and instead embrace the Scandinavian/German Kid-Eating Christmas creature known as the The Krampus. That podcast was released 12/23/13.

It took us less than a month, but Andy and I have finished the screenplay for a flick we’re calling COMES THE KRAMPUS! It’s 99 pulse-pounding pages of what’s essentially SModCo’s CREEPSHOW, with four terrifying tales stitched together by a freaky framing device. It was a blast to write and totally new to me, as I never actually wrote a screenplay WITH someone else before.And now, to extend the spirit of collaboration even further, I’M GONNA CO-DIRECT THE FLICK WITH THE SMODCO FAMILY! Andy McElfresh will direct the “The Krampus vs. The 3rd Grade” episode (SO fucked up), Jason Mewes (yes – THAT Jason Mewes) will direct the “Hitler’s Krampus” episode (twisted period piece), I will direct the “Mask Maker” episode (the Gothic horror piece), Carol Banker will direct the “The Proposal” episode (which is fucking nuts), and Jennifer Schwalbach will direct “The Bad Babysitter” – which is the framing device that holds the whole mess together. Jordan Monsanto will produce for SModcast Pictures and the twin SModCo cherries on the top of this scary sundae? I’m gonna force my Bro Scotty Mo(sier) to act in it and Babble-Meister RALPH GARMAN will feature in every episode!

Smith added that he intends to tackle this project after Clerks III.  We'll keep you posted, of course!

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