Lake Placid and Anaconda to Collide for Versus Film


Lake Placid vs AnacondaTwo nature-run-amok franchises that got their start in the '90s and expanded on the direct-to-DVD market are going to clash. has learned that shooting will begin soon on Lake Placid vs. Anaconda – a title that doesn't make much sense, but whatever, right?  

Does that mean a giant Anaconda is invading the Lake Placid area or are we now identifying the giant crocodiles of the Lake Placid films as "Lake Placid."  Makes my head hurt, but moving on…

Cameras roll in early December in Bulgaria.

The Lake Placid series kicked off in '99 with a film directed by Steve Miner and written by David E. Kelley. Three sequels followed.  Anaconda, meanwhile, kicked off a few years earlier in '97 with a film starring Jennifer Lopez and Jon Voight.  Again, three sequels swam in its wake.

Although both films began at different studios (the former at Fox, the latter at Sony), somehow both properties became Sony direct-to-DVD titles and instant SyFy original premieres.

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