10 Backwoods Killers & How They Would Fair In a Fight With Jason Voorhees


Angela (Peter Baker) / Sleepaway Camp

It was the eighties and slashers were hitting the big screen in a big way. Many struggled to stand out and Sleepaway Camp, while fun and kitschy, was close to being just another teen scream. Then after numerous camp flavored kills, the ending crept up and floored everyone, making it one of the more important horror flicks of the hack and slash variety. The sadistic and mentally savaged Peter Baker became a b-horror icon.

Versus Jason: Peter Baker has the advantage of having the same scar ridden psyche of Jason Voorhees and through the film we see he’s well versed with knives, bow and arrows, and even straightening irons. Once again though, Jason has an edge with taking arrows and knives to nearly every part of the body and recovering fairly quickly. Plus, Angela/Peter has the distinct disadvantage of being a summer camp attendee. Mr. Voorhees’s favorite kind of victim.

The Mountain Twins / Just Before Dawn

Where Sleepaway Camp became an iconic eighties slasher, Just Before Dawn slipped in under the radar and over time has managed to garner a cult following. It attempted to avoid the blood and gore and bring the scares by building tension and suspense. A group of vacationing teens are terrorized by an ugly machete wielding killer and they soon discover it’s not just one killer, but twins. If that weren’t bad enough, the twins are part of an inbred backwoods family that pulled influence from The Sawyers in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Versus Jason: This might actually be the first match that would be a challenge for Jason. He’s not facing just one oversized lumberjack-esque killer but twin oversized lumberjack-esque killers. As intimidating as the brothers are, one goes down in a brawl with a teenager that ends up with her hand in his throat. As threatening as the two may be, it seems that their resilience isn’t quite up to snuff. Also, come on boys, the machete is really Jason’s area of expertise.

Saw Tooth and Family / Wrong Turn

We’ve seen a lot of cannibalistic psycho inbred murderers but none so resilient as Saw Tooth and clan from the Wrong Turn franchise. Over the course of five movies we have seen them tear apart, stab, bludgeon, terrorize and eat victims with no remorse. In fact, they find it fun and even frantically seek to do so.

Versus Jason: The family is vicious and even twice as ugly. One on one, Jason would probably defeat them on pure size and experience, but they have numbers on their side. Don’t worry Jason, even if they do beat you, they only have five movies and you have eleven so you’re always top dog in at least one category.

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