World War Z Game Now Available, Demo Seen


Earlier this week, sat in on a demo of Paramount Digital Entertainment and Phosphor Games Studio’s World War Z, a fully immersive mobile game experience.  A first-person shooter, the game transports you into an all-new original story set within the universe of World War Z, opening June 21st.  It’s a fast-paced “tap and kill” zombie romp that transports you all over the globe.  From what I played on the iPad, it was pretty fun as you kill zombies, find objects (like keys, it always has to be keys…), gather ammo and guns, rack up a body count and, well, survive.  If you commit to this journey, it’ll eat up about 3 hours or so of game play.

Per the press release: The game features intuitive controls for an easily accessible action-packed first person experience backed by an electrifying and original story.  With 28 levels of combat, engaging puzzles, upgradable weapons and armor, and an unlimited challenge mode, World War Z takes place on a global scale.  Your challenge?  Play to survive.  The World War Z game is available now on iOS for $4.99, and will be available on select Android devices tonight, for the same price.

Download it here and watch a trailer inside!

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