One More Time: Lindelof Won’t Be Back to Write the Prometheus Sequel, Here’s Why


There was a report in early August that Ridley Scott and Fox were beginning to look at their creative options for a sequel to Prometheus and looking to new writers to tackle the follow-up.  Still, if you needed further confirmation that Damon Lindelof (who did a rewrite of Jon Spaihts’ Prometheus script) isn’t returning to script the next film, Collider spoke to the man himself and got him to comment on the record why he won’t be back.

“The thing about Prometheus was it was a rewrite.  Jon Spaihts wrote a script and I rewrote it.  And still it was a year of my life that I spent on Prometheus, kind of all in.  The idea of building a sequel to it—from the ground up this time—with Ridley is tremendously exciting.  But at the same time, I was like, “Well that’s probably going to be two years of my life.”  I can’t do what J.J. [Abrams] does.   I don’t have the capability.  I’m usually very single-minded creatively.  I can only be working on one thing at a time.  So I said to him, “I really don’t think I could start working on this movie until I do this other stuff.  And I don’t know when the other stuff is going to be done.”  And he was like, “Well, okay, it’s not like I asked you anyways.”  He and I are on excellent terms and it was a dream come true to work with him.  But much to the delight of all the fanboys, I don’t see myself being involved in Prometheus-er.”

At least he seems to be good natured about the whole thing.  If you follow Lindelof on Twitter, he’s quite aware of the critical knocks leveled against him from the cinephile populace (not just for Prometheus but for that Lost finale) and I commend him for rolling with the punches.

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