Don’t Expect Any Alien Xenomorphs in Prometheus 2

Fans wanting to see more of the classic H.R. Giger Alien on the big screen are, unfortunately, going to have to keep waiting. Ridley Scott today tells Yahoo! Movies UK that, despite their tease in the first film, the Xenomorphs won’t appear in his upcoming Prometheus 2.

“The beast is done,” says Scott of the creature design. “Cooked. I got lucky meeting Giger all those years ago. It’s very hard to repeat that. I just happen to be the one who forced it through because they said it’s obscene.

Prometheus 2 May Head to Australia

With a release date of March 4, 2016 already in place, director Ridley Scott’s ?Prometheus sequel may be heading down under.

The Daily Mail today reports that Scott has been spotted in Australia scouting locations for his return to the science fiction universe that began with his Alien in 1979. Green Lantern scribe Michael Green recently joined the project, rewriting a draft by Transcendence’s Jack Paglen.

Prometheus 2 Set for 2016, Michael Green Boards as Writer

?20th Century Fox has set a March 4, 2016 release date for a sequel to Prometheus.

The Wrap reports that Green Lantern scribe Michael Green, who has been working with Scott on the proposed Blade Runner sequel, will rewrite Prometheus 2 and that the script calls for multiple versions of David, the synthetic played by Michael Fassbender in the first film, which also starred Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green and Charlize Theron.

Prometheus 2 Has Found a Writer

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was released last year on June 8 and 20th Century Fox and Scott Free Productions are already moving forward with the currently Untitled Prometheus Sequel – which may as well be called Prometheus 2 until something better comes along – as they’ve hired Trancendence Jack Paglen to write the screenplay, according to The Wrap.

As some of you may already know, Trancendence is the directorial debut by Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister, a sci-fi film starring Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara and Morgan Freeman, so it’s quite an impressive follow-up for the relative newcomer Paglen. 

Noomi Rapace Offers Prometheus 2 Update

It’s been known, hell, since Prometheus was released that a sequel was quietly being discussed, that is, until August when it was publicly revealed Prometheus 2 was definitely in development.  

Then, in December, Damon Lindelof told the press he was not returning to script the follow-up.

Now, Noomi Rapace, star of the first film, tells The Playlist, “They’re working on the script. I met Ridley in London a couple of weeks ago. I would love to work with him again and I know that he would like to do another one. It’s just like we need to find the right story. I hope we will.”

One More Time: Lindelof Won’t Be Back to Write the Prometheus Sequel,

There was a report in early August that Ridley Scott and Fox were beginning to look at their creative options for a sequel to Prometheus and looking to new writers to tackle the follow-up.  Still, if you needed further confirmation that Damon Lindelof (who did a rewrite of Jon Spaihts’ Prometheus script) isn’t returning to script the next film, Collider spoke to the man himself and got him to comment on the record why he won’t be back.

A Prometheus Sequel is Indeed Coming

How likely is a sequel to Prometheus?  The film has grossed over $300 million worldwide, $125 million of that coming from the U.S. box office.  The story left the door wide open for a sequel and director Ridley Scott has expressed interest in exploring the world further.  Twentieth Century Fox wants more, too.

According to The Hollywood Reporter: “Scott and the studio actively are pushing ahead with a follow-up (stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are signed) and are talking to new writers because Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof might not be available.”