Pre-Lindelof Prometheus Script Hits the Web


Prometheus continues to fascinate the pop culture community.  In the wake of its release, cinephiles have been scrutinizing deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes tales, perhaps in an effort to find answers for the big question: “What went wrong?”  And in their quest for the truth, many were curious to read the original script before writer Damon Lindelof (Lost) got his hands on it.

Lindelof has taken a lot of the blame for Prometheus‘ glaring problems, and while I certainly believe that, I always wondered how much responsibility Jon Spaihts should shoulder.  He’s the writer of the original script.  And let’s not forget, he scripted The Darkest Hour as well.  Not exactly top-notch sci-fi.

For those who wondered what Spaights had in mind for Prometheus can now dig into his draft of the script which was called Alien: Engineers.

Courtesy of, the script is online for your reading pleasure.

Spaihts himself confirmed the script is the real deal, in case you were skeptical (a lot of fake scripts hit the web for this film).  And, while I haven’t read it yet (I’ve got to bring you the news about it first before I dig in), this script apparently features chestbursters and facehuggers.

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