REC 4: Apocalypse Teaser Trailer is Coming!


Sitges, the international fantastic film festival of Catalonia, will host the exclusive premiere of the teaser of REC 4: Apocalypse, the fourth and final installment of the series which will be directed by Jaume Balagueró. 

For those attending, the teaser can be seen Friday, October 5th at 1am in the Auditorium of the Hotel Melia.  The sequel is expected to begin shooting early next year.

Hopefully, we’ll see the teaser hit the web shortly after its debut at the fest.  Keep checking for updates.

When we caught up to series stalwart, and REC 3 director Paco Plaza about the upcoming installment, he told us this: “Jaume has finished the script, but he would be very upset if I told too much.  What I can say is it’s going to be very surprising and refreshing and it’s going to be great.”

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