Open Road’s Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Presentation

Comic-Con’s Hall H was host today to some of the very first footage from the upcoming Silent Hill: Revelation 3D as part of a panel hosted by writer/director Michael J. Bassett, star Adelaide Clemens and producer Samuel Hadida.

Two clips were shown, one of which you can check out for yourself by clicking here. The other revealed a cinematic take on one of the Mannequins from “Silent Hill 2”, depicting it as a spider creature that spins webs to capture victims alive. It also carries a number of different mannequin heads with it, rotating between them as it pursues its would-be prey (Clemens’ Heather Mason).

“The mannqeuin monster was actually one of the most terrifying to be around,” says the actress. “There’s something so creepy about mannequins.”

“It was the only monster that we couldn’t make for real and operate like a puppet or a man in costume,” adds Bassett. “I’m a big believer in real monsters on the set… That particular monster was impossible. I wanted it to scuttle like a combination of human body parts and a crab and a spider. After that clip finishes, it does something else pretty hideous as well.”

As far as the origins of Revelation, Bassett says that this is a sequel to the 2006 film but also largely adapts the third game.

“It takes the story of little Sharon Da Silva,” he says, “and turns her into Heather Mason for reasons that you’ll understand when you see the movie.”

One fan in the audience was quick to point out that leading man Sean Bean has a tendency of dying in most of the roles he plays and asked point blank if the “Game of Thrones” star would be making it out of Silent Hill alive.

“Yes and no,” teases Bassett. “And you’re going to have to see the movie to find out why that is a completely true answer.”

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will hit theaters on October 26th while the property, as announced yesterday, is also set to make an appearance at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights this fall.