Comic-Con 2012: Godzilla Trailer Surprises Hall H Crowd, We Have a Description!

A breaking news item from Comic-Con, moreover, the big Legendary/Warner Bros. panel in Hall H.  The studio has debuted a teaser trailer from the new Godzilla film!  Director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) was on hand to talk to the crowd.  Head inside for our teaser description culled from our live blog.

The opening WB and Legendary logos are B&W with a font like original Japanese writingThe footage pans across a city that has been utterly destroyed.

We hear a voice over a radio talking (the voice of Robert Oppenheimer) about the end of the world.  

It looks like another giant creature’s body is in the wreckage.

We hear the classic Godzilla scream from the smoke, we see something enormous. We’re following a camera up Godzilla’s back, showing his scales.

We see his face, but it’s almost a silhouette.  It looks a LOT like the classic Godzilla design but with a slightly fatter face.

From the sound of it, this teaser won’t be hitting the Internet any time soon…  Edwards explained to the crowd that the film will not be campy by any means.