Full Plot Details for the Sci-Fi Thriller The Machine

Casting has begun on The Machine, a film described as a sci-fi/thriller mixed with a love story wrapped up in a “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”-like package.  Unveiled at Cannes, the project is to be directed by Caradog James and is produced by John Giwa-Amu and, this morning, we have a lengthy plot synopsis to share which reveals the filmmakers are definitely thinking “big” with this one.

Part sci-fi action thriller, part love story, The Machine is an intense futuristic twist to the classic horror of Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’.

Set in the near future and with the world plunged into another cold war, Britain’s Ministry of Defense is on the verge of developing a robotic soldier. This soldier, called The Machine, looks and sounds human, but has the strength, speed, and ruthlessness beyond that of any living person. The project is near completion when a bug in the programming, a side effect of it being too close to human coding, causes the prototype to destroy the lab and everyone in its path in spectacularly violent fashion. Undeterred by this setback, lead scientist Vincent McCarthy obsessively continues his work on The Machine in secret, away from the prying eyes of those who seek to destroy him.

An edge of your seat thrill ride from start to finish with killer state-of-the-art effects, THE MACHINE combines the psychological intensity of ‘Alien’ with the action and heart of’ Blade Runner’.


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