Review: The Human Centipede 2


It is fairly difficult to shock seasoned horror fans. These days the vast majority have been witness to all kids of onscreen carnage and mayhem. It seems like The Human Centipede shocked even the most veteran genre lovers. 

Having not seen The Human Centipede, this viewer was not entirely prepared for what transpires in the sequel. There are certain things one never needs to see. After watching The Human Centipede II, you will have seen way too much. 

The insanely creepy Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) is the world’s biggest fan of The Human Centipede. He watches it at work (he’s a security guard at a parking garage). He keeps a scrapbook devoted to it. It’s all he cares about. 

But Martin is more than just a committed fan. He wants to one-up what happens in the movie. His goal is to create his own human centipede, one made up of 12 individuals. Martin uses his workplace as an unorthodox recruiting center. When young people enter the parking garage, he shoots them and/or knocks them out with a crowbar. He then loads them into a van and transports them to an empty, secluded warehouse.

This goes on for what feels like forever (it’s actually just under an hour) and becomes quite redundant. There are only so many ways to strike someone with a crowbar. After the sixth or seventh time it comes across as padding the running time. 

Martin’s victims, including an actress from the first movie, quickly realize what he is planning. One of them screams “that was only a movie!” Don’t tell that to Martin. He has a suitcase full of tools and some diagrams outlining how to perform the necessary procedures. 

Like the first one, the unwilling participants will have their mouth attached to a person’s anus. This will supposedly result in the 12 people sharing a single digestive tract. As they say, it takes all kinds to make the world go round. 

There will be spoilers beyond this point. If you must see this movie and you don’t want to know any of the gory details, stop reading now. 

Martin, who was abused by his father, is sexually aroused by the human centipede. First he masturbates with rough paper while watching the first movie. Later he wraps barbed wire around his penis and rapes one of the female victims. Few details are spared. 

He also wants to watch these people defecate in each other’s mouths. When this doesn’t happen quickly enough, he speeds things along by giving everyone a laxative. Again, few details are spared. Viewers see and hear everything. This appears to be the only way Martin can be happy. 

Needless to say, this is repulsive and depraved stuff. Which seems to be the only point. Writer/director Tom Six wants to shock you, and he accomplishes his goal. The things onscreen are extremely revolting and upsetting. It is nearly impossible to not look away a few times. 

But so what? Any moron with a camera can too much time on their hands can shock people. It does not take much talent to film something shocking. And Six really wants to rub your nose it. The human suffering is drawn out and the camera lingers. He is very impressed with himself and what he is showing. He really shouldn’t be. 

Six did choose wisely with Harvey. The man has enormous saucer eyes along with a short, chubby body. He also possesses a strange magnetism. And the black-and-white imagery is often stark and haunting, at least when it doesn’t include human waste or a bleeding penis. 

Pardon the expression, but The Human Centipede II is sick shit. It is only for horror fans who seek the disgusting and the unusual. They will not be disappointed.