Malcolm McDowell Talks Silent Night, Deadly Night Remake


Steven C. Miller is readying Silent Night – a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night – which is getting ready to roll cameras soon and is on track for a holiday 2012 release.  

Miller, who landed on the genre scene with Automaton Transfusion, recently completed The Aggression Scale (arriving next month).  With his latest effort, he’s getting to work with the legendary Malcolm McDowell

IFC spoke with the actor about his turn in the remake…

McDowell has played his share of villains and he told IFC that he’s eager to play Silent Night‘s Cooper, a sheriff on the trail of the film’s killer Santa. 

“I’m the good guy and I’m chasing the bad Santa,” he said.  “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it. I’m happy to do it and I hope it’s going to be good.”

The actor previously appeared in Rob Zombie’s Halloween films, playing Dr. Loomis, a character who straddled a fine line between well-intentioned and self-absorbed.  

Asked if he had seen the original Silent Night, Deadly Night, McDowell told IFC he had not and did not intend to.