Join Occupy Midian and the Push for a Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut Release!


Not that long ago, a copy of Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut was unearthed – the long-thought-missing version of Clive Barker’s film which has been making the rounds on the convention circuit.  The push to see this extended cut has been called “Occupy Midian” and is growing by the day.

North Carolina’s Mad Monster Party played host to this incarnation and, according to Seraphim Films’ Mark Miller, “With the help of Russell Cherrington, we assembled a composite cut of Nightbreed in house. As  you likely know, a few years ago we found some VHS copies of Mark Goldblatt’s original dubs of Nighbreed. Well, Russell came up with the  brilliant idea of taking those tapes and editing them into the official WB DVD of Nightbreed. The end result was a with a  running time of 2 hours 35 minutes. After that, we made some mixing  tweaks, etc. The most notable of those tweaks, was snagging Doug  Bradley – who has been friends with Russell for quite some time now – to  redo all his voicework as Lylesberg.”

You can see Bradley in a recording session after the jump.

To learn more about the Occupy Midian push, head to this Facebook page and start spreading this petition around!



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