Comic -Style Poster for Upcoming Intruders

The March 30th release, Intruders, has spawned a “comic book”-style poster from artist Jacen Burrows.

Head inside for a larger look at the image.

A little bit about Burrows: He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1996 with a degree in Sequential Art. He has worked with several comic companies over the years including Caliber Press and London Night Studios, and is currently working under an exclusive contract with Avatar Press. Since working with Avatar he has worked with several of comics most prominent names including Alan Moore, Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis.
His comic work includes The Courtyard, Dark Blue, Scars, and 303. Outside of comics he has done illustration work for several video game and role playing game companies, including work on Rockstar Games’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons.
He cites influences as varied as Matt Wagner and Tim Truman to Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch.

Intruders, starring Clive Owen, opens in theaters March 30th.



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