Visible Scars With Tom Sizemore, Hannah Hall Complete, Trailer Revealed


Post-production has officially wrapped on the new psychological thriller, Visible Scars, starring Tom Sizemore, Jillian Murray (Never Back Down 2, The Graves) and Hannah Hall (Rob Zombie’s Halloween).

Written and directed by Richard Turke, with cinematography by Jacques Haitkin (A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 & 2, Wishmaster), the film tells the story of Stacy Walker (Jillian Murray), a young woman who flees to her late uncle’s cabin to escape her abusive boyfriend, only to begin having gruesome visions and hearing voices from the surrounding forest.

Tom Sizemore plays Mike Gillis, a deranged husband who kidnapped baby twin sisters to appease his wife’s desire for kids 17 years earlier, raising them in his basement and killing anyone he deemed a threat. It is in the same forest where Stacy has come for safety that Gillis’ house burned to the ground with him and the children inside. When bodies begin turning up in the present day, the 17-year-old investigation of the killings is reopened.

You’ll find a trailer after the jump.

Visible Scars was filmed in Kern County, CA, and parts of Los Angeles. Produced by Josh Todd and Becca Taylor, the film also stars Deja Kreutzberg (Sorority Row) Jonas Fisch, Dave Parke and Timothy Ryan Cole.