New Poster Revealed for Airborne Starring Mark Hamill, Julian Glover and Gemma Atkinson


The producers of the upcoming British horror film Airborne starring Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Alan Ford (Snatch), Gemma Atkinson (Night of the Living Dead 3D), Julian Glover (The Empire Strikes Back) and Billy Murray (Strippers vs. Werewolves) have unveiled new artwork for the jet-set chiller.

Producer Jonathan Sothcott explains, “As the film takes its market bow at the European Film Market in Berlin we are releasing the final sales art as an early version has been doing the rounds forever. This is a cracking horror film that pushes all the right buttons for take off. Director Dominic Burns doesn’t let the tension ease up for a minute and there are remarkable performances from a stellar genre cast which reunites Star Wars legends Mark Hamill and Julian Glover for the first time in over 30 years. I’m really proud of Airborne as it is more international and slicker than the majority of British films and I can’t wait for horror fans around the world to see it.”

Head inside for a larger version of the one-sheet.

Airborne is directed by Dominic Burns (UFO with Jean Claude Van Damme) from a script by Paul Chronell (Four) and produced by Simon Phillips (White Collar Hooligan) and Jonathan Sothcott (Elfie Hopkins).

Th film tells the story of a disparate group of air travelers stalkedby an ancient evil aboard an in-flight jumbo jet.