Silent House Goes Viral, Exclusive New Photo Surfaces


Silent House, starring Elizabeth Olsen, is beginning a viral campaign in anticipation of its March 9 release.  

A red tin box showed up at our offices containing a bunch of goodies, including an exclusive image from the movie that is arriving from Open Road Films.

In Silent House, Olsen plays Sarah, a young woman who – with her father and uncle – fix up the family’s longtime summerhouse after it was violated by squatters in the off-season. As they work in the dark, Sarah begins to hear sounds from within the walls of the boarded-up building. Although she barely remembers the place, Sarah senses the past may still haunt the home.

Head inside for a look at the new image and a link to a mysterious viral site which has launched for the flick.

In addition to the red box, we received a t-shirt, a lock, a flashlight, a flash drive and a polaroid.  

We were also instructed to head to and enter a pass code on a select polaroid.  Once that code was entered, the blank polaroid turned into an image. As you’ll see, there are other photographs on that site that need to be unlocked, so keep checking that spot.

Silent House is directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau of Open Water.  And, similar to the film from Uruguay it is based on, La Casa Muda, Silent House is told in one continuous shot. There is a true story behind Silent House, or rather, La Casa Muda.  

The film is inspired by an unsolved murder case that happened in a village in Uruguay in which three bodies were discovered mutilated.

Click below to see the images in hi-res!

Elizabeth Olsen in Silent House