Report: Silent Hill 2 Remake & Multiple New Entries in the Works

Report: Silent Hill 2 Remake & Multiple New Entries in the Works

There have been more than a few Silent Hill-related leaks recently and now a new report has seemingly corroborated said leaks. It alleges that a Silent Hill 2 remake is in development along with multiple new entries, too.

The Silent Hill 2 remake story popped up over the weekend as influencer NateTheHate2 tweeted that he heard the game was being developed by Bloober Team. The game in question would have new content and possibly be a timed PlayStation exclusive. GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb also chimed in, saying that it was something he had heard as well.

Video Games Chronicle then came out with its own report backing up the other two. It simply added that it heard the same from its sources and that it was claimed to have “reworked A.I., animations, puzzles and several new endings, and potentially release as a timed exclusive on PlayStation consoles.” Silent Hill has a history with PlayStation, as some of its entries have showed up first or exclusively on Sony systems.

It has also been heavily implied that Bloober has been making a Silent Hill game for some time. Konami and Bloober announced a partnership and Bloober Team’s Piotr Babieno said in an interview with in February 2021 that the team had been working on a horror IP for over a year at that point with “a very famous gaming publisher” that will make fans “excited.”

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The VGC report also came with more information regarding a possible new title in addition to the remake of the second one. Multiple people have alleged that Konami was publishing more than one Silent Hill game and Video Games Chronicle stated that one of these games is supposed to be a smaller title. Annapurna Interactive was said to be involved with this downsized, more story-focused approach, but it is unclear if the publisher got its project greenlit or was just one of the candidates. Annapurna Interactive did publish Telling Lies, which was created by Sam Barlow. Barlow was most known for writing and being the lead designer on the acclaimed Silent Hill: Shattered Memories before he developed Her Story and Telling Lies, showing that there is some very loose connection between Annapurna and Silent Hill.

Reports of a Telltale-esque style Silent Hill game have been circulating for a long time. Known leaker Dusk Golem tweeted something similar in January 2020, saying that there was an “episodic TellTale/Until Dawn-style game to go alongside the reboot.” Bringing up Until Dawn is a coincidence since VGC reported that Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games had been involved in talks regarding some Silent Hill project, but that morphed into the Dark Pictures Anthology.

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But there’s more to the story since there’s also apparently a new mainline entry in the works. VGC is still reporting that a Japanese studio is working on the project and others have added that it was Kojima Productions, which would be quite a twist considering the split the two had after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s release. VGC had also previously reported that this was part of Konami’s revival surrounding Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill.

While this story of a new Silent Hill has been going around for a few years at this point, it picked up more steam last week when Dusk Golem leaked images from a reported Silent Hill game. The images were copyright claimed, which he told Kotaku had “never happened before.” The pictures show a messy house and a bunch of notes with disparaging insults written on them. Another showed a close-up of a woman’s face with “I hate myself” on her forehead. Some of the references and slang (like “minger”) on the notes seem to imply that it will be have some British influence. They’re also seemingly from an old 2020 build and the project probably “looks a bit different now.”

Swiftly striking down these images from a leaker after so many reports pointing to a new entry does lend the pictures even more validity and VGC’s latest report said that these images are from a P.T.-style teaser that is codenamed Sakura. The preview is meant to come out for free to “build anticipation for the larger projects.” It’s unclear when all of these will come to light, but it’s possible a reveal might come through a showcase sometime this year. VGC and Grubb said that an announcement was planned for last year, but Konami pulled out of E3 2021 (and a possible announcement) due to “timing” issues.


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