Director of The Devil Inside Sets Up The Vatican


Keeping his momentum going, director William Brent Bell has already lined up his next project in the wake of a succeessful opening weekend for The Devil Inside.

He will next direct The Vatican for Warner Bros.  The studio picked up a pitch for the movie from writer David Cohen.  Roy Lee (The Ring) will produce with a number of others including The Devil Inside’s co-writer Matt Peterman.

Deadline says The Vatican will use “some” found footage techniques, however, plot details are under wraps for now.  The site adds that Warner Bros. is fast tracking this film, but I have to wonder: Is Paramount holding separate conversations with Bell about a The Devil Inside 2?  And, would he be obligated to knock that out first before doing another other project, especially for a rival studio? 

Cohen penned the upcoming No One Lives, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura.

Source: Deadline