Chiller Pushing Another Horror Film into the Pipeline

Chiller continues its push for more original feature films, ordering up a new title based on the work of author Michael Laimo.  The network is developing a made-for-TV feature adaptation of the writer’s novel Dead Souls.

According to the book’s publisher, the story is about the following:

Inheriting a rundown farmhouse in Maine, eighteen-year-old Johnny Petrie sees this as a means of escape from his hellish home life, but soon finds his new living situation far worse when the spirit of its former owner intends to use him as a sacrifice in a perverse ritual of sadism and savagery. 

Chiller recently aired its first original production, Remains; next up is Ghoul, based on Brian Keene’s novel, and the Larry Fessenden-produced Beneath which is about folks on “a leaky, oarless boat floating in the middle of a lake with a monster in it.”

Source: Variety


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