Interview: Steve Niles Talks Remains Feature Film

Some zombie tales – very much like the undead shambling about at their core – find a way of being resurrected.  Take the zombie boom of the mid-’00s.  Dawn of the Dead was revitalized for a modern movie-going audience.  Elsewhere, George Romero’s zombies “lived on” in Land of the Dead, and in some respects, fueled a comic book that was just getting its start at the time called “The Walking Dead.”

It was around this period that a comic called Remains was introduced.

Written by Steve Niles and featuring illustrations caked with meat, gristle and irradiated pus by Kieron Dwyer, Remains gave readers a glimpse as a world unified by peace until, one day, someone presses the wrong button and the human race is practically annihilated.  Focus shifts to Reno, Nevada where a casino blackjack dealer named Tom and a waitress named Tori attempt to get along with each other and deal with the evolving zombie horde.

Seven years after the first issue of Remains was released, Chiller TV is revisiting the story with a feature film adaptation airing on December 16.  A perfect time for a release as zombies are in once again.

Directed by Colin Theys, the production stars Grant Bowler, Evalena Marie, Lance Reddick, Miko Hughes, Tawny Cyrpress, Terry Shappert, Frank Taveres and Bobby Rice.

Shock sat in on a conference call with Niles this week to discuss the adaptation.

Remains Prequel, Road to Reno, Makes Its Premiere

One week from today, Chiller TV debuts Remains, the made-for-television zombie film based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles.  And in anticipation of this December 16 release, Chiller unveiled a web exclusive prequel called Remains: Road to Reno.

Steve Niles, Berni Wrightson Collaborating on Stage Show?

Steve Niles tweeted this week that he was approached by a company to turn one of his comic books into a stage production.  Shock spoke to Niles, during a press conference call for Remains, and inquired about what potential title of his it could be.