Image is Ready to Spill Some Rebel Blood


In a world dominated by Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead its always hard for a zombie comic to shine and get a lot of recognition. There have been a lot of other series that have come out in the past couple of years that I would wager are better, and it looks like another is on the horizon.

If you’re familiar with Image’s Shadowline imprint you’ll know they’re putting out some of the best horror mini-series of recent memory.  Artist Riley Rossmo, of Shadowline’s book Green Wake, is stepping up to plate once again with his friend Alex Link to bring us the zombie mini-series Rebel Blood.

The comic not only finds the humans in this story infected with a zombie virus, but also all of the animals. Following the lead character Chuck Neville (allusions to I Am Legend anyone?) who works as a park ranger in a fire tower. Chuck is informed of the initial outbreak and begins the trek through the wilderness back to his wife, all the while having conflicting thoughts about their marriage.

Rossmo’s art is great in my opinion. It is reminiscent of Ben Templesmith, but still manages to retain its own flair by having bright colors. I’m excited to see how he uses his art within this book, particularly with the idea of rotting and infected animals. Of course, zombie animals isn’t a new thing, but it’s so very seldom done that it’s always a fascinating thing to behold when it is tackled. The one thing I really want to see in this book? Zombie Bears.

Rebel Blood #1 hits shelves March 28, ask your local comic shop to order it for you!

Source: Comic Book Resources